An Herbal Extract Supporting Stress Relief

If you rather calm down with a drink then breathing exercises, this tea is for you. The Nettle, Horsetail, and Alfalfa help get rid of toxins allowing your body to destress and release tension. Now breathe in and out and in and…

The Science Behind This Herbal Blend


Nettle is high in antioxidants, has high levels of iron, Vitamin C, Potassium, contains chromium, Vitamin K, helps increase absorption of vitamins and minerals in bloodstream, and detoxifies the body.


Horsetail is high in magnesium and calcium, contains silica acid, supports bones, tissue and skin.



Alfalfa is a natural superfood that contains 8 essential enzymes which aid the body in proper dissolution of proteins, fats, starch and sugar. Its is rich in calcium, magnesium, carotenoids, protein, several B vitamins, Vitamin C, E, K, iron, and potassium. 


Dandelion is rich in potassium and lecithin and supports digestive system.


Fennel is high in fiber, rich in calcium, contains Vitamin C and antioxidants, a good source of iron and high in potassium, contains folic acid, supports digestive system, supports bone health, acts as natural antibiotic, reduces risk of anemia, supports brain function, and supports cardiovascular health.


Parsley is general tonic; high in iron;, strengthens the body, supports the immune system and stimulates digestive system.


Sage has natural antibiotic properties that help the body treat infection. 


Rosehip is an excellent source of Vitamin C, Vitamin B!, and Vitamin E. This herb also contains high levels of calcium as well as zinc, beta carotene, lycopene and essential fatty acids, all of which strengthen the body, boost the immune system, and contain anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Rosehip is also rich in flavonoids supporting healthy blood circulation. 


Flax is high in Omega 3, high in fiber, balances triglyceride levels,  supports blood vessel function, reduces risk of depression, supports skin, supports digestive system and supports liver function.


Plantago is high in fiber, anti-inflammatory properties regulate and support digestive system and skin.


Chamomile strengthens the body, immune system, and adrenal glands, while regulating blood pressure. 


Ginseng strengthens the body, boosts immune system, strengthens adrenal glands, and improves blood pressure stability.


Verbena contains natural antiseptic properties, supports respiratory system, and boosts immune system.

Olive Leaves

Olive Leaves have antioxidants that support cardiovascular system, contains flavonoids which balance cholesterol levels and regulate sugar levels. 

Make the Most of Your Tea


Place 12 drops into a cup of hot or cold water. Drink 3 cups a day.

The Benefits of a Subscription

Experience the benefits of Teasane without ever missing a cup when you sign up for our monthly subscription service. Every four weeks you will receive a month’s worth of tea, delivered to your door. Aside from the great convenience, you will also receive 15% off the regular price.

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