An Herbal Blend Supporting the Immune System Against Colds and Flu

Take a defensive stance against harmful antibodies. This amazing blend supports your immunity which helps shield yourself against the destructive forces of cold and flu. Let’s just say Teasane’s Immunity is basically your knight in shining armor.

The Science Behind This Herbal Blend


Nettle contains high levels of iron, Vitamin C and potassium which boosts the immune system, purifies the blood stream and accelerates blood flow. Accelerated blood flow improves sleep, reduces stress and helps treat respiratory ailments.


Rosehip is an excellent source of Vitamin C, Vitamin B1,  and Vitamin E. This herb also contains high levels of calcium as well as zinc, beta carotene, lycopene and essential fatty acids, all of which strengthen the body, boost the immune system, and contain anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Rosehip is also rich in flavonoids supporting healthy blood circulation.


Lemon Verbena

Lemon Verbena has natural antiseptic properties that have shown to treat cold and flu symptoms. The herb can also acts as an expectorant, and boost the immune system.


Anise reduces coughing and helps prevent the development of nasal mucus and throat phlegm.


Chamomile boosts the immune system, functions as an antibiotic, and supports the respiratory system.


Sage helps relieve nasal congestion, runny nose, and helps treat sinusitis.

Make the Most of
Your Tea


Measure one spoonful (1.5g) of tea and add to 8 oz boiling water. Cover and steep for three minutes.

The Benefits of a Subscription

Experience the benefits of Teasane without ever missing a cup when you sign up for our monthly subscription service. Every four weeks you will receive a month’s worth of tea, delivered to your door. Aside from the great convenience, you will also receive 15% off the regular price.

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