An Herbal Blend for Easing Gas and Discomfort

There’s nothing worse than a bad stomach ache. Many of us remember when mom made us a hot tea with honey to help soothe the pain. Now you can still make that hot tea (and add honey if you’d like), but with a unique blend of herbs such as Anise and Chamomile to help support the soothing of your pain beyond just plain tea.

The Science Behind This Herbal Blend


Dandelion aids the digestive system by maintaining the proper flow of bile.

Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle boosts the digestive system.


Nettle contains anti-inflammatory properties that help resolve gastrointestinal ailments and constipation.


Fennel contains high levels of fiber which supports the digestive system and prevents stomach ailments such as bloating and gas.


Chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce gastrointestinal ailments and inflammation.


Plantain is high in fiber which helps in the treatment of constipation and it contains anti-inflammatory properties that help ease digestive discomfort.


Anise has antispasmodic effects, which helps prevent and relieve stomach pain, bloating and gas.


Verbena’s anti-inflammatory properties efficiently treat the digestive system including ulcers, stomachaches, and inflammation of bowels. The herb balances the natural intestinal flora, stimulates bladder fluids and can prevent constipation.


Flax seeds are high in fiber which helps prevent constipation.


Sage helps reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Lemon Verbena

Lemon Verbena  helps reduce gas and bloating, treats abdominal pain and other stomach related discomforts.

Make the Most of
Your Tea


Measure one spoonful (1.5g) of tea and add to 8 oz boiling water. Cover and steep for three minutes.

The Benefits of a Subscription

Experience the benefits of Teasane without ever missing a cup when you sign up for our monthly subscription service. Every four weeks you will receive a month’s worth of tea, delivered to your door. Aside from the great convenience, you will also receive 15% off the regular price.

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