Why I Drink Tea Instead of Coffee

Anyone who knows me, knows I used to be a coffee lover.  There was always a coffee on my desk at work and in the background of all the pics I post.  Today though I will take a break from coffee and talk about… TEA!

Herbal Tea, also known as Tisane, is not made from the same tea plant found in traditional teas like Green, Black, and Oolong, but in fact, is really a blend of herbal leaves, seeds, roots or bark. In various ways, we might get more benefits from a better cup of organic tea than from a vitamin pill. Additionally, we are able to share a cup of tea while socializing with friends, which is something we don’t get from a tablet.

I initially considered tea as a coffee alternative after feeling the occasional jitters or intense exhaustion that coffee left after the caffeine high wore off. With some little research, I found that many of the herbs found in Teasane’s Energize tea, such as Nettle, Plantago, and Dandelion, have shown to boost Iron and Potassium levels thereby improving energy levels. Some even say that these herbs can be used to prevent anemia. Although many teas have caffeine, some more than others, Teasane has been formulated to boost your energy based solely on the positive effects from its proprietary herbal blend. This is why I love Teasane, no caffeine, no jitters.

It seems I’m not the only person who is intrigued by the benefits of tea, as it has become the second most popular drink in the world (water is #1). Eighty percent of Americans are tea drinkers, and that percentage is even higher for millennials.

But before you get started on Tea, keep a couple points in mind. It is very important to look for a well sourced product, such as Teasane, made from high quality ingredients with no additives, like essential oils or flavors. Also, make sure to let your tea steep for at least a minute to ensure all the healthful properties have been released from the herbal blend. If you’re a frequent tea drinker, you may also see major improvement to your mood, skin, and digestive system. Not too shabby, right?

So until next time, cheers to good health.